the turkish boz Shepherd

the ranch

Our ranch is located in Floresville, TX about 40 miles south of San Antonio, TX. We have 50 acres in which we have goats, pet Kune Kune pigs and miniature mules. We fell in love with the Turkish Boz Shepherd breed about 4 years ago. We wanted a breed that would protect livestock from predators and be a part of the family.

about boz

After much research, we purchased our first puppy, Sissy, from Christy Pierce, owner of Shalako Kennel in Texas. Christy has been great and a good source of information. Our next puppy, Scout, we purchased from Brian Peckinpaugh of Natural Born Guardians. Scout was great, unfortunately, Sissy dug under a fence and he followed and was hit on the highway.

Although we have excellent fencing, digging can be a problem – we address a solution for this in the Resource section of the website. He is greatly missed. Our last 2 puppies, Max and Dallas, were imported from Akin Tulubas owner of Boz Kennel. Akin is wonderful and has provided much guidance and expertise. Our dogs are raised in a loving home with the livestock they guard. Our goal is to raise quality guard dogs who have a purpose in life by protecting those in their care.

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